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We offer you a way to step in front and stand apart. We help companies led by purpose to attract, retain, and engage in meaningful relations with their customers. We build memorable brands that create lasting positive impact through innovative marketing strategies.


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One of the leading digital transformation companies from Zurich promoting its complex services though a video presentation. Target market: Swiss and International SMEs.
CATEGORY: company video presentation
WORK: script, voice-over, graphics, sound editing

J. Wright

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A personal brand project for a high profile organisational transformation expert from Zurich. Fresh positioning as a digital and circular economy expert, speaker and trainer.
CATEGORY: brand management
WORK: concept, linkedin profile, website & brochure texts, team management, consultancy


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We are always curious, eager to go through the first layers of the idea in search of the essence. We build a living story that changes together with those who live it.

  •     Dacă citești aceste rânduri, înseamnă că ești în căutarea personalității brandului tău. Știi că un brand nu înseamnă doar un logo frumos. Înțelegi că a construi un brand înseamnă a clădi coerent pe o structură solidă și o cunoaștere profundă

  •   A true rebranding is a metamorphosis. The main transformation happens from within: you become your best version. Creatopy's COO, Teodora Gavriluț,  peeled back the curtains in a deep, insightful conversation about the complex reality of a rebranding process. Here is the

  •     How do you innovate, how do you create something new to meet the real needs of your customers? Innovation is a topic we need to focus on these days more than ever. Even if innovation can be born of chaos,

  •     The most important question was and will remain: how does the customer feel when he interacts with your brand?     I talked to Anca Șerbănescu, trainer and advisor at the Marketing Institute about the ingredients of a successful customer experience. A discussion

  • When Sonrisa, a Hungarian software development and IT company and end-to-end software business partner, decided to open a fifth office, it settled on the city of Oradea due to the city's size, quality healthcare services, IT market, and the University's

  • Proud to introduce our news article about Softech for Transylvania Tech News, written by a multiple Emmy Award winner. Our new member of the communications team has more than 20 years of experience as a journalist working for some of

  •       Brand awareness builds value. A positive impact brand creates profit for a purpose. Business branding for positive impact builds customer loyalty. The marketing strategy and communication strategy need to be aligned with the social purpose for this effort to be

  •         There’s a lot that goes into building a brand – and it isn’t something you can afford to take lightly. Your brand is how people think of you, your company. It is integral in forming their perceptions of you, your

  •       Without a clear brand voice, your marketing messages will fall flat and won't stand out amid the sea of other, similar messages vying for your customer's attention. To have an effective brand voice, you need to communicate in a consistent tone and

  • Online brand interaction with a brand is like dating. First, the person notices your company, and eventually, they start to view you as an ally and someone they can trust. As with a dating relationship, you want to gradually build

  •     If you're not seeing the results you want from your content marketing, it could be that you're not sharing content that your customers want to read. The content you share is an essential part of brand building. What type you